Timber Acoustic Panels
Microperforation V3.6/1.8/0.5
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Timberix™ timber acoustic panels reduce echoes by trapping and diffracting sound in the grooves and perforation found on the surface. The sound that passes through the perforation is further absorbed by an acoustic substrate such as fibreglass or mineral wool, which reduces reverberation of the space.

Timberix™ wooden perforated panels is made with a 2-layer perforation structure, which traps and diffracts sound in the holes. The perforation comes in many sizes ranging from 0.5mm to 25mm.

Timberix™ wooden grooved acoustic panel is made up of a series of slats and grooves. Each panel has a machined tongue and groove joint for a seamless joinery. 

Timberix™ comes in many groove specifications and perforations as small as 500 microns (that’s 0.5mm!) We also constantly use algorithms to design our panels so as to be compatible with parametric designs. The sound that passes through the perforation is further absorbed by an acoustic substrate such as fiberglass or mineral wool, which reduces reverberation in the room.

Social Responsibility

We believe that our responsibility extends beyond our products and services. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deeply integrated into our corporate ethos, aiming to foster positive social and environmental change.


Timberix™ timber acoustic panels not only improve the acoustic environment of spaces but also uphold environmental stewardship. By incorporating eco-friendly materials, ensuring low VOC emissions, and adhering to sustainable production methods, Timberix™ stands out as an excellent choice for environmentally conscious projects.

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Timberix™ Microperforated V3.6/1.8/0.5
Pal Mall Wine Club, Singapore
Rockett Studio
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