Welcome architects and engineers!

You may download our product models for Sketchup (.skp) and AutoCAD (.dwg) below.

We have a total of 66 acoustic panel 3D models and CAD drawings free to download for you to use in your projects. The collection is made of both timber grooved and perforated acoustic panels.

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Timberix™ Perforated are made with a 2-layer perforation structure, which traps and diffracts sound in the holes. The sound that passes through the perforation is further absorbed by an acoustic substrate such as fibreglass or mineral wool, which reduces reverberation in the room.

Perforated V 32/32/8, Walnut

Perforated V 32/32/6, Walnut

Perforated V 16/16/8, Walnut

Perforated V 16/16/6, Walnut

Perforated V 8/8/3, Walnut

Perforated E 32/32/8, Walnut

Perforated E 32/32/6 Walnut

Perforated E 16/16/8, Walnut

Perforated E 16/16/6, Walnut

Perforated E 8/8/3, Walnut

Perforated V 32/32/8, Oak

Perforated V 32/32/6, Oak

Perforated V 16/16/8, Oak

Perforated V 16/16/6, Oak

Perforated V 8/8/3, Oak

Perforated E 32/32/8, Oak

Perforated E 32/32/6, Oak

Perforated E 16/16/8, Oak

Perforated E 16/16/6, Oak

Perforated E 8/8/3, Oak

Perforated V 32/32/8, Maple

Perforated V 32/32/6, Maple

Perforated V 16/16/8, Maple

Perforated V 16/16/6, Maple

Perforated V 8/8/3, Maple

Perforated E 32/32/8, Maple

Perforated E 32/32/6, Maple

Perforated E 16/16/8, Maple

Perforated E 16/16/6, Maple

Perforated E 8/8/3, Maple


Timberix™ Microperforated are 0.5-1mm micro-holes only perceptible at short eye distance (+/- 250 000 holes/m2) and laminated on a 15mm thick perforated MDF eco-friendly board. 

Microperforated V 8/8/1, Walnut

Microperforated V 4/4/1, Walnut

Microperforated V 3.6/1.8/0.5, Walnut

Microperforated E 8/8/1, Walnut

Microperforated E 4/4/1, Walnut

Microperforated V 8/8/1, Oak

Microperforated V 4/4/1, Oak

Microperforated V 3.6/1.8/0.5, Oak

Microperforated E 8/8/1, Oak

Microperforated E 4/4/1, Oak

Microperforated V 8/8/1, Maple

Microperforated V 4/4/1, Maple

Microperforated V 3.6/1.8/0.5, Maple

Microperforated E 8/8/1, Maple

Microperforated E 4/4/1, Maple


Timberix™ Grooved are made up of a series of slats and grooves. Each panel has a machined tongue and groove joint for a seamless joinery.  Smaller grooves are better at attenuating high frequency sounds, whereas larger grooves are better at controlling low frequency sounds.

Grooved 59-5, Walnut

Grooved 28-4, Walnut

Grooved 14/2, Walnut

Grooved 13/3, Walnut

Grooved 59-5, Oak

Grooved 28-4, Oak

Grooved 14/2, Oak

Grooved 13/3, Oak

Grooved 59-5, Maple

Grooved 28-4, Maple

Grooved 14/2, Maple

Grooved 13/3, Maple


Timberix™ Microgrooved are made up of a series of slats and grooves. Each panel has a machined tongue and groove joint for a seamless joinery.  They are designed to minimise the appearance of grooves on the panels while achieving high acoustic performance.

Microgrooved 5/3, Walnut

Microgrooved 9/2, Walnut

Microgrooved 5/3, Oak

Microgrooved 9/2, Oak

Microgrooved 5/3, Maple

Microgrooved 9/2, Maple