Timberix™ timber acoustic panels not only improve the acoustic environment of spaces but also uphold environmental stewardship.

By incorporating eco-friendly materials, ensuring low VOC emissions, and adhering to sustainable production methods, these panels stand out as an excellent choice for environmentally conscious projects.

Timberix™ timber acoustic panels are engineered to reduce echoes and enhance sound quality in various spaces. These panels feature grooves and perforations on their surface, which trap and diffract sound. The sound that penetrates these perforations is then absorbed by an underlying acoustic substrate, such as fiberglass or mineral wool, effectively reducing reverberation.

Timberix™ panels are made from E1 Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), recognized for its low formaldehyde emissions. This grade of MDF is one of the safest options in engineered wood, complying with building construction standards to ensure superior indoor air quality.

Timberix™ panels are engineered to release very low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). By maintaining these low VOC levels, the panels help improve indoor air quality, making them suitable for environments where health and safety are priorities.

Responsibly sourced wood is used in the production of Timberix™ MDF, selecting only from forests that adhere to sustainable forestry practices. The manufacturing process is tailored to minimise waste, with off-cuts and sawdust being either repurposed or recycled.

By using eco-friendly materials and implementing sustainable production practices, Timberix™ substantially lowers its environmental impact. The low levels of VOCs and the use of responsibly sourced raw materials ensure that the timber panels are safe for both users and the environment. These practices are in line with global initiatives to reduce emissions and waste, positioning Timberix™ as a frontrunner in eco-friendly acoustics solutions.